PCF Presentations

Every month, PortCityFutures hosts its monthly meeting where all members come together. Each time a member or guest speaker will present their research. All presentations are listed below. 

Presentations 2023

January - Harry den Hartog “Tensions and opportunities at Shanghai’s waterfronts: Laboratories for institutional strategies toward sustainable urban planning and delta design transitions"

February - tba

March - tba

April - tba

May - tba

June - tba

September - tba

October - tba

November - tba

December - tba

Presentations 2022

January - Stephan Hauser "The Oil is Dying? Long live its "Heritage"!"

February - Hilde Sennema "Motives & Myths in Port City Transitions: the Case of Jan Backx & Thomsen’s Havenbedrijf"

March - Fazzi, D. (Dario) "Blue Humanities"

April - Vincent Baptist "Pleasure near the Port: Spaces and Legacies of Notorious Entertainment Culture in 20th-Century Rotterdam"

May - Stephen Snelders "Dutch port cities as nodes in twentieth-century drug trafficking"

June - Helene Perfors "The human factor: Seafarers in the Port of Rotterdam"

September - Ida S. G. Lange and Marieke van Hulst Pedersen "A comparative study on Danish port-city relations"

October - Matteo D'Agostino "For the good of the city", Martin Tomov  "Resilient Times: Ethnographic accounts of citizenship, energy ethics, and the temporal aspects in the Resilient Bospolder/Tussendijken 2028 project " & Babette van Velzen "The Port is a Mirror of Society"

November - Paolo DeMartino & John Hannah: "Adaptive Strategies: Methodology, Scenario Thinking and Design Fiction. Naples and Beirut"

December - Carlien Ewusiwah Donkor , Costanza Franceschini and Koffi Nomedji "Port City Challenges in Togo & Ghana"