Changing Water Patterns | Preservation

How does sea level rise affect maritime exchange through recently freed up waterways, while also threatening historic space and communities next to water bodies?



Intensive farming | Small-scale agriculture

How can traditional agricultural water practices inspire the layout, use, and management of irrigation systems in modern industrial farming to make them more sustainable?


Urban Growth | Water Resilience

How can modern infrastructure (dams) be used to reduce the danger of uneven water distribution for irrigation, drainage, and energy, while facilitating circular practices and enhancing the cleanliness, safety, and sustainability of water resources?


Urban Expansion | Water Awareness 2.0

How does new construction affect sustainable water systems? How can we use education to effectively manage water systems in the built environment?



Historic Preservation | Economic Development

How to preserve the values of the historic urban landscape, and the intangible lifestyle related to it, while rehabilitating, renovating, or reconstructing the city's historic urban legacies for economic benefits and city development?


Reclamation | Biodiversity

How to reduce the damage to nearshore ecosystems and fishery resources and enhance the self-healing capacity of the hydrodynamic environment, while implementing enclosure of the sea to create land for accommodating the increasingly growing population?


Mobility | Inland waterway

How to integrate shipping into inland networks for more efficient logistics operations?


Spiritual Values | Consumption

How can local stakeholders include spiritual values of water in defining its identity as a public good rather than only a product for consumption?


changing water patterns

intensive farming

Urban growth

urban expantion

Historic Preservation

reclemation vs biodiversity


spiritual values


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