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Water Values
a serious Board Game

Water Values: a serious Board Game

Play with water to make an impact!

Have you ever built a dam in a small river or stream? By adding or taking away just one stone, you change the entire flow of the water. In essence, the same happens when you manage water on a large scale. Everything you change has the potential to make an impact - good or bad. 

In the game Water Values, you get to play with water. Together with your team, you will experience what it’s like to create a landscape over a period of 100 years. Representing economic, cultural and technological values, each team tries to safeguard both the interest of the common good and their own values and interests.

How to play?

With every decade, the difficulty grows. Not only the decisions of your colleagues might cause conflict, but external events - changing weather patterns, storms, tsunamis - affect the plans you have made for your water landscape.

Can you save the landscape and its citizens from the negative effects of too much or too little water? Can you negotiate with the other teams to make the best choices and develop a flourishing region? Or… will you put your own interests first and risk the safety of the area?

100 years of development and redevelopment

6 scenarios with global challenges

3 teams with different values and interests

Unlimited interventions affecting water levels & water quality

Playing session of the pilot version of the game at the Dakar World Water Forum 2022 in Dakar. 

How to order?

The game will be ready in January 2023, but you can already pre-order. The price is 112,50 euros (excl BTW/VAT & postage). The price covers the cost of printing. Costs for research and development costs were sponsored by NWO and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water. This is the printing price for a limited edition of 100 games. 

If you want to buy more games at once, there are two sponsorship options:

  • Buy 5 or more and become a Friend of the Game. Your (organization) name will be featured on the website. 
  • Buy 10 or more and become Sponsor of the Game. Your (organization) name and logo will be featured on the website. 

You can also:

  • Buy & Donate a game. One game goes to you, one game goes to an organization of your choice. We can give advice if needed. (225 euros excl BTW/VAT & postage)

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More info

Water Values is developed by:

  • LDE Centre for PortCityFutures
  • TU Delft
  • IJsfontein
  • ICOMOS Nederland
  • Unesco Chair Water, Historic Cities and Ports
  • Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht

With support from:
NWO, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Carola Hein, Hilde Sennema (TU Delft)
Luuk Raaphorst, Anko Elzes, Salko Joost Kattenberg, Hans Luyckx, Pieter Snijders (IJsfontein)
Henk van Schaik, Diederik Six (ICOMOS NL)
Maarten Ouboter (WaterNet)