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For the good of the city, Resilient Times & The Port is a Mirror
Matteo D'Agostino, Martin Tomov & Babette van Velzen

Presentation: Matteo D'Agostino, Martin Tomov & Babette van Velzen

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TU Architecture: BG.Oost.490

This month, three MSc students will present their master thesis. Matteo D'Agostino will present "For the good of the city", about moral ecologies informing port-cities relationships in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Martin Tomov will present "Resilient Times: Ethnographic accounts of citizenship, energy ethics, and the temporal aspects in the Resilient Bospolder/Tussendijken 2028 project " and Babette van Velzen will present "The Port is a Mirror of Society".

Every month at our PortCityFutures team meeting, one of our members or a guest hosts a short presentation about their current or past research. If you want to attend the presentations or present at one of our meetings yourself, please contact us: info@portcityfutures.nl