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Maritime Transport Developments on Landscape of Hormozgan
Case study: Bandar-e Abbas

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BG.490.OOST. Architecture TU Delft

Investigating the effects of maritime transport developments on territorial
landscape of Hormozgan, case study: Bandar-e Abbas

Due to environmental and human characteristics, different territories include a set of landscapes that can be classified under the title of territorial landscape. Iran is a country composed of the integration of different territories. One of these terrtories is Hormoz or Hormozagn. Because of it’s situation in the north of the Persian Gulf and near Hormoz Strait, this territory, historically has had a considerable landscape that we can call port-cities. Since the middle of the 20th century and because of changes and the introduction of new ways of maritime transportation, port-cities of Hormoz territory have went significant transformation. Analyzing this transformation through the case study of Bandar-e Abbas, a port-city in Hormoz is the main goal of this research.


Image: Representation of Bandar-e Abbas at the beginning of the 17th century. Source:

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