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A comparative study on Danish port-city relations
Ida S. G. Lange & Marieke van Hulst Pedersen

Presentation: Ida S. G. Lange & Marieke van Hulst Pedersen "A comparative study on Danish port-city relations"

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TU Architecture: BG.Oost.490

Port-Cities undergo perceptible changes due to several structural and societal shifts (globalization, containerization, technologization, etc.), challenging to a high degree the original and traditional inter-dependence and close relations between port and city (physically, economically, socially, culturally). The four-year mixed-methods based research project Port-City Relationships (PoCiRe) is entering its last year. Having completed all empirical data collection (including a variety of historic and contemporary document studies, field studies, stakeholder interviews and surveys of residents and ferry travelers) we are now engaged with analysis of our vast material. In this PCF-presentation we will report on our initial findings, and we hope for a lively discussion with our PCF-peers, for us to challenge and improve this research!

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