geluiden uit de delta

Geluiden uit de Delta (Sounds of the Delta)

About Sounds of the Delta - Geluiden uit de Delta

A podcast by PortCityFutures 
with support from the Resilient Delta Initiative

Editorial Team: Carola Hein, Hilde Sennema, Maurice Jansen, Paul van de Laar, Francesca Savoldi, Ryan Holmes, Hidde van de Rhee

The Dutch Delta, with the port of Rotterdam as its center, has benefited from its natural position as the mouth of the rivers Maas and Rijn for hundreds of years. This geographic situation also puts it at risk from sea level rise, flooding, and changing rain water patterns. It has been the busiest port in the world for more than half a century. It is home to industry, trade and densely populated areas. The Delta is also suffering from this success: economic growth has gone hand in hand with pollution, dispossession and inequality. In this podcast series, we start walking from the North Sea shore toward the economic, political and academic center of the Delta: Rotterdam. On our way, we collect stories, sounds, experiences from the locality and connect them to expert opinions asking: How can we keep living safe, healthy, and happy lives in an area that faces consequences of past, current and future maritime uses and challenges?

We ask our guests - researchers, practitioners and citizens - to share their thoughts and solutions while walking along the river. We invite them to reflect on a different theme in each episode. 

The podcast will be recorded in Dutch.