Water Discovery Lab @ Zeemeeuw Panels

In the Netherlands, we know all too well that water is both a friend and an enemy. Yet most Dutch people take water - dry feet, clean drinking water from the tap - for granted. In this Lab, we explore this paradox. We look to the past, but also to the future. Using four themes, we ask the question: what is our relationship with water and how can we improve it?

The panels are in Dutch, for the English text see ''Water Discovery Lab English''.

Rhine Biker Protest Image

The Rhine Bikers (Rijnfietsers), who are protesting against the pollution of the Rhine, are received by the Mayor of Rotterdam A. van der Louw at the Coolsingel in 1997. (Source: Stadsarchief, Gemeente Rotterdam, CC-0)

The Water Discovery Lab Panels

Intro Panel

Bouwen Panel

Verbeelden Panel

Besturen Panel

Co-Creëren Panel