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Values for Participatory Port City Making

Values are key to solving contentious urban developments at a time of transition. Port cities, as places where a big industrial area meets often densely-built urban and rural areas hold opportunities for development based on similar goals and values. But, since containerization the entanglement between city and port has been lost. To move forward at a time of multiple urgencies, we need to understand what the common goals and potential conflicts are between port, city and region. We also need to understand the scale at which opportunities and challenges play out.

As part of the LDE PortCityFutures project, led by Carola Hein, we have done a first trial with the MOOD methodology. During that process, we have come to appreciate positive impact of the value debates. We are still evaluating the results, but we have also found that there is a need for clearer definition of values, for a smaller scale of exploration (the port city region), for using concrete examples, and for developing specific design proposals.

The current proposal will take stock of the identified set of values that is particular for port city region collaboration. Next to that, we will benefit from the developed value cards and lessons learnt in the DDFV seed project Research through Design from Values, led by Ingrid Mulder. The developed value methodology allowed for personal interpretation of values, enrichment of values definition, and aligned a value dialogue among project members. Specifically, we ask for funding to explore its values in a set of case studies in port city regions through applying the RTD for values toolkit (e.g., Schiedam, Dordrecht, and/or Rotterdam).

The project aims to contribute to the ongoing value dialogue happening in recent playground discussions, one of the main issues is the operationability of the DDfV Institute. Research through design brings an innovative approach to design-based values research and enhances its capacity for reflection on the methods and tactics involved to learn for the future. We will use the value discussion to create and transform social meaning and to make public and cultural values explicit. All findings will be showcased on the DDfV website, and can be (re)used for further dissemination at DDfV playgrounds, and other conferences and exhibits.


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