Viscous Space: The offshore physicality of the North Sea between solid and liquid - Conference

June 20th - June 22nd, 2018
TU Delft, faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

The interdisciplinary conference invites researchers to develop a new perspective on the North Sea as an integral part of our historical urban realm and the site of unfolding urbanization processes.

How are processes of ocean urbanization reshaping our regional economic, social, cultural, and human environments both at sea and on land? Which tools, methods and frameworks can help re-conceptualize the sea-space and restore its cultural relevance?

Keynotes: Andrew Barry - UCL, Rania Goshn - MIT, Christian Schmid - FLC Singapore & Milica Topalovic - ETHZ

Contibutions by: Medine Altiok, Arjan van Binsbergen, Claudia Bode, Bram Bosman, François Bruneau, Nancy Couling, Susan Dunnem, Maurits Ertsen, Kira Gee, Stephan Hauser, FLoris von Hest, Carola Hein, Jacqueline Heerema, Elmira Jafari, Anne-Mette Jørgensen, Hamed Khosravi, Anne Trine Kjørholt, Everhard Korthals Altes, Taneha Kuzniecoa Bacchin, Jonathan Ledgard, Martijn Manders, Francesco Musco, Stephen J. Ramos, Rose Sarkhosh, Dirk Schubert, Dirk Sijmons, Huygen van Steen, Enrico Tommarchi, Bram Vannieuwenhuyze, Rob Zuidwijk