Pleasurescapes - Pre-EAUH Conference Workshop 2020

February 6th, 2020
Erasmus University Rotterdam

In anticipation of a panel session by the HERA-Pleasurescapes research project at the 2020 EAUH conference, a pre-conference workshop is organized to already start a stimulating conversation on the histories of entertainment culture and transnational forces of integration in European cities. In addition to paper presentations by scholars that are invited for EAUH, the Erasmus Mundus International Master ‘Global Markets, Local Creativities’ (GLOCAL) supports the workshop through a keynote presentation. The day ends with a visit to a port city-related art exhibition, ‘New Neapolis’, on display in Rotterdam’s contemporary art centre TENT.

Keynote presentation:
Spaces to Meet, Spaces to Create: The Role of Urban Environments on the Production of Creativity, by Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway (University of Barcelona)

Paper presentations:
Vincent Baptist (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Aurelio Castro-Varela (University of Barcelona)
Paul Franke (Centre Marc Bloch)
Alina Just (HafenCity University Hamburg)
Thijs Kemmeren (Tilburg University/Ghent University)
Eduard Molner (Escola Universitària ERAM - University of Girona)
Christina Reimann (Stockholm University)
Julia Sneeringer (City University of New York)
Phil Withington (University of Sheffield)