Design and the City

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Cities are complex and challenging environments where design plays a key role in solving situated problems, and enabling sustainable social innovation. Cities also ask for innovation to deal with societal challenges, and are a great context to foster further adoption of design.
What is the role of design in enabling innovation in the city?
This course investigates the presence of design-enabled innovation in the urban context and particularly explores how design plays a role in enabling innovation in cities. The course has been developed in the context of the European H2020 project DESIGNSCAPES: Building Capacity for Design enabled Innovation in Urban Environments.
To further reflect on the potential and tensions of design and innovation in the urban context, different concepts, such as the Urbanscape, and the Value map, are introduced and used in the course’s assignments.
As a student of the course, you will benefit from the pioneering work and available material from the DESIGNSCAPES project (e.g., the project’s book “Innovation Capacity and the City: The Enabling Role of Design”) and participate in a timely discussion on the rapidly changing role of design to address the sustainable development goals.
What does mission-driven innovation mean for the role of designers and what design capabilities are needed to enable design-enabled urban innovation?
This edition's theme is Port Cities. Under the scope of value-driven transitions addressing the sustainable development goals, we will take a closer look at port cities and the specific characteristics, values, and mindset that make them prone to social and urban innovation.

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