Water Discovery Lab @ Zeemeeuw - Lecture: Representing Water through Sound (in English)

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Zeemeeuw @ Maritime Museum Harbour

How can we represent water through sound? "Geluiden uit de Delta" (Sounds of the Delta) by Hilde Sennema (PortCityFutures) and "The House of Water" by Emanuele Fantini (IHE-Delft) shed light on the intersection between water, human activities and natural processes through new media. During the event we will explore the significance and impact of these initiatives and their contributions to expanding our understanding of the many values of water. Sounds from the Delta provides a unique opportunity to discover the sounds that shape the intricate web of life in the Dutch Delta, with Rotterdam at its center The House of Water podcast was produced at and for the UN Water Conference 2023 and explores how we can represent water at the intersection of art, politics and science.

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