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TU Delft Architecture Department, Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning - Julianalaan 134 2628 BL Delft

Yvonne van Mil studied Architecture in Delft (MSc), where she specialized in port cities. After graduating in 2009, she pursued her interests as an independent researcher and cartographer, affiliated with Delft University of Technology. Her research topic includes urban and strategic planning history in the 19th and 20th century, focusing specifically on regional development and (historical) geo-spatial mapping. She participated in the project ‘Atlas of the Dutch Urban Landscape. A Millennium of Spatial Development', the first overview of urbanization in the Netherlands written from a long-term perspective. In recent years she worked on research and mapping project for the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency, Tata Steel Europe and several regional heritage institutions. Her PhD-research focuses on GIS-based research methods for comparative analysis of spatial development and cultural social processes in port city regions through time and space.

Last publications
Hein, C. M. and Y. B. C. van Mil. 2020. “Mapping as Gap-Finder: Geddes, Tyrwhitt, and the Comparative Spatial Analysis of Port City Regions.” Urban Planning 5, Issue 2 (forthcoming).

Hein, C. M. and Y. B. C. van Mil. 2019. “Towards a Comparative Spatial Analysis for Port City Regions Based on Historical Geo-Spatial Mapping.” Portusplus 8(Special Issue).

Bouwens, B., Y. van Mil, R. Rutte, et al. 2018. Driven by Steel: From Hoogovens to Tata Steel 1918-2018. Bussum: THOTH.

van Mil, Y. 2017. “Pieter Bakker Schut (1877-1952), manager in stedenbouw.” Bulletin KNOB: Koninklijke Nederlandse Oudheidkundige Bond, 116(4), 209-223.

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