Søren Risdal Borg

PhD fellow, Aalborg University

Søren Risdal Borg is a PhD fellow at Aalborg University, where he teaches interdisciplinary curricula in the program of architecture and urban design at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology. His PhD thesis explores the entangled life of an industrial port, its interrelationships with the city and the landscape it inhabits, in Aalborg, Denmark; the historical precedents of its local realities, tensions and ambiguities and the future trajectories it presents.

He is affiliated with the research group of Aalborg University: ‘Urban Design:Transformation and Mobilities Research Group (UTM)’, as well as the ’Centre for Mobilities and Urban Studies (C-MUS): http://www.c-mus.aau.dk‘

Latest publications:
Borg, SR, Lange, ISG & Lanng, DB 2022, 'Manifestations of Contemporary Port City-scapes in Denmark: Anthropogenic Terrain and Future Trajectories', PORTUSplus, bind 11-2021 , s. 1-20. https://portusplus.org/index.php/pp/article/view/234

Lanng, DB, Laursen, LH & Borg, SR 2021, 'Forming issues and publics: participatory design things and uncertain rural futures', Policy Design and Practice. https://doi.org/10.1080/25741292.2021.1930688

Lanng, DB & Borg, SR 2021, Multistable Infrastructure: The Scripted and Unscripted Performance of a Functionalist Pathway. i Postphenomenology and Architecture: human technology relations in the built environment. Lexington Books.