Sabah Zrari

Job title
Director of the Diploma “Planning, Management and Governance of Port Cities”

Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

PhD in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris, M.A in Public Policy and M.Sc in Urbanism, Local Development and Planning. Her PH D dissertation thesis was on the Public Private Partnerships and the evolution of the state role in Chile (1835-2010), using a historical new institutionalism approach. She is currently the academic director of the Diploma "Planning, Management and Governance of Port Cities", of University of Santiago de Chile/Faculty of Administration and Economics. She is a member of the Regional Port Cities network, CONICET/IDEHESI, Argentina.

Topics of investigation: port city governance. 

Last publications
SEFACIL, col. LES OCEANIDES (Forecoming): “Un nuevo modelo de prospectiva y de gobernanza para los puertos y sus ciudades: Una propuesta metodológica” en VOLUMEN VII – Dinámicas portuarias latino caribeñas ["A new model of prospective and governance for port cities: a methodological proposal" in VOLUME VII –Port Dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbeans].

Revista Geografía (on line). Nº 53 /2016 |ISSN 0718 – 9877 | [ 92. – 105. ]| Los Consejos De Coordinación Ciudad Puerto: ¿Un Instrumento De Gobernanza Territorial? [ The Port City Coordination Councils: An instrument of Territorial Governance?]

Sabah Zrari
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