Ryan Holmes

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Erasmus University Rotterdam

Ryan is currently a Researcher in the Department of Public Administration & Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Port Theme Research Coordinator for the Resilient Delta Initiative. He previously worked as a Research Associate for the Stockholm Environment Institute based at the University of York.  Ryan completed a PhD at the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews.  His previous academic work includes a MSc in Energy Management from the University of Stirling.

Ryan’s research interest includes topics related to environmental economics, sustainable development, and energy policy. Recent research projects that Ryan has been involved in include work on the abatement of shipping emissions and the history of energy transition. 

Last publications:
Holmes, RT
, McCauley, DA & Hanley, N 2018, Reshaping Energy Governance in the Arctic?: Assessing the implications of LNG for European Shipping Companies. In N Vestergaard, B Kaiser, L Fernandez & J Larsen (eds), Arctic Resource Governance and Development. Springer, pp. 65-87 

McCauley, D, Heffron, R, Holmes, RT & Pavlenko, M 2017, Energy Justice: a new framework for examining Arcticness in the context of energy infrastructural development. In I Kelman (ed.), Arcticness: Power and Voice from the North. UCL Press

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