Penglin Zhu

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PhD Candidate

Institution(s): Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning, Delft University of Technology

My interest focuses on the emergence of port city-region governance in Dalian that has been triggered by the China’s opening up. The process has arguably been driven by the Chinese central government in order to coordinate the regional economic development and environmental preservation. The development of the port city-region concept – from the plan of Bohai Economic Rim to the Belt and Road Initiative – essentially reflects new features of the urbanization and industrialization policies in China. The research’s overarching aim is to explore the particular logics of scale production behind the institutional, conceptual and methodological borders of the port city-region. It studies whether, how and to what extent the state has orchestrated the mechanism of institution and administration, the preparation of spatial strategies and urban planning, the channels of public participation, to archive the regional sustainability.

Last publications: 
Zhu, Penglin and Hein, Carola. "The Dalian port cluster: Spatial practice of the one belt one road initiative." International Journal of Transport Development and Integration 3.4 (2019): 344-354.

Zhu, Penglin. "Economic Development and Environmental Protection: the planning of China's National Strategic Petroleum Reserves in port cities." PORTUSplus 8.Special Issue (2019).


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