Nadia Alaily-Mattar

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Research Associate

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Alaily-Mattar, Nadia, Diane Arvanitakis, Lukas Vordemann and Alain Thierstein. 2022. “From exceptional architecture to city icons? Analyzing data scraped from Flickr.” Projections, 16. Measuring the City: The Power of Urban Metrics, MIT Press,

Alaily-Mattar, Nadia, Mina Akhavan, and Carola Hein. 2021. "Marking a New Chapter in the History of our City. Newspaper Narratives of Proposed Waterfront Star Architecture."  European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes 4 (1):7-24. doi: 10.6092/issn.2612-0496/11959

Alaily-Mattar, Nadia, Georgia Lindsay, and Alain Thierstein. 2021. "Star architecture and urban transformation: introduction to the special issue."  European Planning Studies 30 (1):1-12. doi: 10.1080/09654313.2021.1961691.

Alaily-Mattar, Nadia, Davide Ponzini, and Alain Thierstein, eds. 2020. About Star Architecture: Reflecting on Cities in Europe. Basel: Springer International Publishing.
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