Juan A. García-Esparza

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Associate Professor

Universitat Jaume I, Spain. School of Technology and Experimental Sciences

Juan A. García Esparza holds a PhD in Cultural Heritage and is an associate professor at Universitat Jaume I, where he teaches Conservation and Heritage Management. His research interests rely on heritage science in a broad sense, from cultural landscapes to built environments. His current research focuses on assessing characteristics and opportunities in the urban fabric to favour ecological adaptations. He holds a Chair on Historical Centres and Cultural Routes. He is an elected member of the Regional Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage at Comunitat Valenciana, Spain, and an associate member of the ICOMOS International Committee for Historic Towns and Villages CIVVIH.

Last publications
García-Esparza, J.A. & Altaba, P. 2020. A GIS-based Methodology for the Appraisal of Historical, Architectural and Social Values in Historic Urban Cores. Frontiers of Architectural Research 9 (4): 900-913. http://repositori.uji.es/xmlui/handle/10234/189950

García-Esparza, J.A. 2019. Beyond the intangible-tangible binary in cultural heritage. An analysis from rural areas in Valencia Region, Spain. International Journal of Intangible Heritage 14 (1): 123-137. https://www.ijih.org/volumes/article/842

Altaba, P. & García-Esparza, J.A.* 2018. The heritagization of a Mediterranean Vernacular Mountain Landscape: Concepts, Problems and Processes. Heritage & Society 11 (3), 189-210. *Corresponding auth. http://repositori.uji.es/xmlui/handle/10234/189952

García-Esparza, J.A. 2018. Clarifying dynamic authenticity in cultural heritage. A look at vernacular built environments. In: C. Holtorf, L. Kealy & T. Kono (Eds.) Volume 1 - University Forum Workshop on Authenticity and Reconstructions. Paris: ICOMOS. http://openarchive.icomos.org/1909/

García-Esparza, J.A., Altaba, P. 2018. Time, cognition and approach. Sustainable strategies for abandoned vernacular landscapes. Sustainability 10 (8): 2712-33. https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/10/8/2712

García-Esparza, J.A., Pardo, F., & Palmero, L. 2018. A multi-analysis characterisation of medieval and vernacular coating mortars in rural Valencia (Spain): An experimental study for a Heritage Action Plan. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 31: 83-96. http://repositori.uji.es/xmlui/handle/10234/182383

García-Esparza, J.A. 2018. Are World Heritage concepts of integrity and authenticity lacking in dynamism? A critical approach to Mediterranean autotopic landscapes. Landscape Research, 43 (6): 817-830. http://repositori.uji.es/xmlui/handle/10234/189954

García-Esparza, J.A. 2018. Alfredo Baeschlin and the re-interpretation of the vernacular. arquia/temas, Destino Barcelona, 1911-1991. Travels, Architectures and Exchanges, 42: 50-61. http://fundacion.arquia.es/es/ediciones/publicaciones/Colecciones/DetallePublicacion/147?coleccion=2

García-Esparza, J.A. & Caballero, C. 2017. Procedure for evaluating and rehabilitating envelopes of obsolete buildings in warm regions. Advances in Building Energy Research, 11 (2): 249-259. http://repositori.uji.es/xmlui/handle/10234/168103

García Esparza, J.A. 2021. Local Character Assessment. Artisans, crafts and the historic environment of Penyagolosa, Spain. Aracne Editrice: Rome.

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