José M P Sánchez

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International Project Manager


Dr. José M P Sánchez is international project manager in AIVP (International Association Cities and Ports). He is responsible for the development of the AIVP Agenda 2030, co-managing the Port Center Network and the Expert’s Network, and coordinating content on port city community and environmental affairs. In 2019, he completed his PhD in Hamburg’s Hafencity University focused on sustainable port-city relationships. In his research career he received different grants to pursue his investigation from organizations such as the Übersee-Club from Hamburg or the Cusanuswerk Studientstiftung. José M P Sánchez is also an architect since 2011, when he finished his Master at Lisbon's Technical University, earning the Top 20 Master students’ award. Previously, Jose Sánchez has worked as an architect in renowned practices, and as independent consultant, lecturer and researcher. He is also the author of the blog, where he shares his views on port cities.

Last publications
Pagés Sánchez J.M., Daamen T.A. (2020) Governance and Planning Issues in European Waterfront Redevelopment 1999–2019. In: Carpenter A., Lozano R. (eds) European Port Cities in Transition. Strategies for Sustainability. Springer, Cham

Pagés Sánchez J.M., Daamen T.A. (2020) Using Heritage to Develop Sustainable Port–City Relationships: Lisbon’s Shift from Object-Based to Landscape Approaches. In: Hein C. (eds) Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage. Springer, Cham

Pagés Sánchez, J. M. (2019). Developing Sustainable Port-City Relationships in Europe An Institutionalist Analysis of Waterfront Projects Governance in Lisbon. Hafencity University Hamburg. Retrieved from

Pagés Sánchez, J. M. (2017). Evolution of Lisbon’s Port-City relation: from the earthquake of 1755 to the port plan of 1887. PORTUSplus_the Online Journal of RETE, VII(7).

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