Francesca Savoldi

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NOVA University of Lisbon

Francesca's principle research interests lie in the social and political consequences of the evolving port-city relationship, in an era of maritime globalisation and the logistics revolution. In particular, her research investigates contested port-cities and the impacts of transnational maritime infrastructures on marginal spaces and community dispossession and resistance.
With a background in human geography and urban studies, her work has engaged with EU maritime space and borders as well as post-conflict cities, gentrification, and gender equality in urban space. She holds a PhD in Human Geography from NOVA University, Lisbon (2018), MA in GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, and BA in Urban Studies from Politecnico di Milano.

Last publications
Savoldi, F. Orsini, G. and Germond, B. (2020) "Waves of contention: framing the complexity of unresolved EU maritime boundary disputes." Territory, Politics, Governance.  Vol.8

Savoldi, F.  Jancîc Z., Salvador R (2019) “Awaiting new borders: unsettled maritime boundaries and contemporary disputes in the Adriatic Sea.” Portuguese Publish Policy, vol. 3, n.2 Special Issue.

Savoldi, F. (2019) Urban walls and virtual bridges. Social capital and the Internet in divided cities. In Bhakti, M. (Ed) Emergent technologies, New media and the Cities: Shifting Paradigms in Urban Communication. Common Ground Publishing (University of Illinois), Champaign, USA

Savoldi, F. (2017) “Women, technology and the spatiality of fear: the challenge of participatory mapping and perceptions of safety in urban spaces.” TRIA – International Journal of Urban Planning vol. 9 n.2 Special Issue - ISSN 1974-6849.

Savoldi, F. Ferraz de Abreu P (2016) “Bullying, cyber bullying and Internet usage in the post-conflict Belfast.” Cogent Social Sciences, 2016, Vol.2, Issue:1

Savoldi, F. Ferraz de Abreu P (2014) “Internet, social capital and e-inclusion in the post-conflict Belfast. Expectations of community workers.” The Journal of Urban Technology Vol.21, Issue:3

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