Carolin Funck

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Hiroshima University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Carolin Funck obtained her Ph.D from the Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg. She is professor for human geography at Hiroshima University (Japan. Her research focuses on the development of tourism in Japan, sustainable island tourism and the rejuvenation of mature tourist destinations; machizukuri and citizen participation are her second theme of interest. She is the author of “Tourismus und Peripherie in Japan” and co-author of “Japanese Tourism”. Recent research topics include cruise tourism in Japan and Germany and resilience in island tourism.

Last publications
Funck, Carolin (2020) Has the island lure reached Japan? Remote islands between tourism boom, new residents and fatal depopulation. Wolfram Manzenreiter, Ralph Lützeler, Sebastian Polak-Rottmann (ed) Japan’s New Ruralities. Routledge, 177-195 (311)

Funck, Carolin (2018): ‘Cool Japan’ – a hot research topic: tourism geography in Japan, Tourism Geographies 20-1, 187-189 DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2017.1402947

Machiko Yamamoto, Carolin Funck (2019) Regulating Cruise Tourism in Japan. PORTUSplus_the Journal of RETE Vol. 8, Year IX Special Issue “Governance in Port City Regions”

Ifeoluwa B. Adewumi, Carolin Funck, Van Hoang Nguyen and Rie Usui (2019.5.1) A cross‐national comparative study on collaborative management of national parks. Parks Vol. 25, 69-82   DOI: 10.2305/IUCN.CH.2019.PARKS-25-1IBA.en 

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