Andreas Künzi

Job title
Research Associate / PhD

TU Delft

Andreas Künzi has professional backgrounds in civil engineering, design, architecture and archiving/documentation. In 2016 he graduated a BA in contemporary history at the University of Freiburg, Switzerland as part of a second educational pathway. Subsequently he graduated a master’s program (MSc) in Urban & Regional Planning at the University of Amsterdam in 2018. His thesis explored the waterfront developments of Rotterdam and Hamburg, emphasizing a historical outlook by use of a particular framework of path analysis. Since 2019 he has worked on numerous projects in urban planning in Switzerland, where he engaged with different planning practices. He began collaborating with the Port City Futures program as a research associate and PhD candidate in spring 2020. His research focuses on the historical port development of Basel, Switzerland. The case study of Basel thereby introduces the first inland/river port area into the Port City Futures initiative.

Last publications
Lecturer: ‘Imprint, Pathway, Lock-in? Path Analysis and Urban Waterfront Developments’. Gentrification Throughout the Ages, A Longterm Perspective on Urban Displacement, Social Transformation and Resistance. Workshop 9 - 10 May 2019, Amsterdam Centre for Urban History, Centre for Urban Studies, Amsterdam.

Author: ‘Freiburger Gefängnisse. Reformdebatten zum Strafvollzug am Beispiel des Augustinergefängnisses’. Freiburger Geschichtsblätter, Vol. 94, 2017, pp. 185-200.

Andreas Kunzi
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