Amira Ghennaï

Architect, doctoral student at the University of Setif 1, Institute of Architecture and Earth Sciences, and member of the PUViT laboratory (Urban design, cities and territory).

Amira Ghennaï received her Bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urbanism in 2013 from the University of Annaba, and a Master's degree in Architecture in 2015 from the University of Annaba. Currently, Amira is a PhD student at the University of Setif. Her doctoral research focuses on maritime and port heritage, and the development of port cities with the hydrocarbon industry, gas and oil, on sustainable development perspectives, the case study of Skikda (Algeria) in North Africa. Amira also studies the cultural identity and socio-economic integration of port cities, the oil landscape and its impact on the city, environment, society and cultural heritage. Part of her research, which focuses on the port heritage of Skikda, was discussed at an international conference in Genoa (Italy) in 2017, and the publisher Fronco Ingli published it in a collective book in 2019.

Amira previously worked as an architect since 2015, and as a lecturer at the Department of Architecture at the University of Setif for the academic year 2017-2018. She completed a short training period at the Port of Skikda, as an intern in the Port’ works and construction department in 2018. In her research career, Amira has received scholarships from the Algerian state, to attend short-term training in international organizations that will develop her research, such as the National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture in 2018, and the French Institute of Anatolian Studies - IFEAl Istanbul in 2019.

Last publications:
Ghennai, A., & Madani, S. (2020.). Post-oil issues in the port city of Skikda, Algeria Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities Menu.

GHENNAI, A., & MADANI, S. (2019). Préservation et mise en valeur des ports antiques a Venaria Russicade (Skikda), Algerie. REPAM 7 "Conservation et Mise En Valeur Du Patrimoine Architectural et Paysagé Des Sites Côtiers Méditerranéens, ", 1, 523–536.

Amira Ghennaï
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