(Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture.

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Over the last year, the PortCityFutures team has grown into a thriving and multidisciplinary community, united by a shared interest in understanding and providing innovative solutions to the challenges port cities across the world are facing. One of the team's goals has been to make their knowledge accessible and useful to as many people as possible, in a variety of formats from blog posts, academic articles and a series of short films. Today the team is happy to share news on our first joint education program, a free open online course (MOOC) on (Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture is open on the EdX platform. Experts from the PortCityFutures team including leading scholars from Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University and Leiden University.

Port city regions are at the forefront of many urgent contemporary issues such as migration, climate change, digitization, etc. Addressing these challenges and developing sustainable solutions, requires more than technical interventions, it requires rethinking and redesigning the basic spatial and socio-cultural paradigms that prevail at present.

In this course we will analyze examples of port cities from a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural perspective. You will develop the skills to identify and address the challenges port cities face now and into the future.

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