Pollution | Urban Development

How can policy makers, urbanists and architects help mitigate the spatial impact of highly polluting industries in line with sustainable urban development?


Heritage | Migration

How can historical cultural diversity and the values embedded in the built heritage meet the needs of citizens and migrants currently living in, working in, and traveling through port cities.


Governance | Global Trade

How can local governments engage with and regulate a port that is intimately linked to global trade flows?


Education | Automation

How will automation of technology, services and administration affect a port's spatial economy (jobs and spaces) and how can we educate children to be ready for the port city regions of the future?


New Technologies | Happiness

How will new industrial technologies and services in the port affect living conditions for all citizens?


Culture | Production

How can all local stakeholders create a port city culture that critically supports (port-related) spatial development needs?


Logistics | Liveability

How can cities and port authorities guide daily freight traffic flows in a way that they can deliver goods to city and port but do not impede city liveability?


Economy | Climate Change

How can economic benefits for a modern port city and the construction of (publicly funded) infrastructure, be combined with a climate adaptation strategy, which pays attention to flood risk reduction by ‘building with nature’ and ecological restoration?


pollution urban development

heritage migration

governance global

education automation

new technologies happiness

culture production

logistics livability

economy climate change