Water Discovery Lab @ Zeemeeuw - Lecture: Women in the Port with Barbara Bonciani uit Livorno (in English)

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Zeemeeuw @ Maritime Museum Harbour

Work in the port and maritime sector is still very gendered. Although today women represent less than 2% of the global maritime workforce, they are increasingly claiming their role in this sector. Sociologist Dr Barbara Bonciani, City Counsellor for the port and city relationship of Livorno (Italy) is experienced both in working in ports and researching them, and therefore has unique insight into the port as a (perceived) male stronghold. She will talk to port city scholar Dr Mina Akhavan (TU Delft) about her research, her experience, and her recent initiative: ‘Women in the port and maritime sector, why not?

Dr Barbara Bonciani is the city councillor for port and port-city integration in Livorno and the creator of the project "Women in the port and maritime sector, why not?". 

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