Water Discovery Lab @ Zeemeeuw Launch

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We are delighted to present the Water Discovery Lab, an exhibition curated by Leiden-Delft-Erasmus PortCityFutures, led by the Prof. Carola Hein, who will be a keynote speaker at the event.

Within the captivating realm of the Water Discovery Lab, Prof. Hein and her team have embarked on projects that we will explore at the event. Join us as we delve into the intriguing connection between water, culture, heritage, and sustainable development through the recently published Blue Papers journal, available at bluepapers.nl.

Additionally, Prof. Hein has initiated the creation of open-access courses that aim to promote advanced knowledge and understanding of water-related topics. Discover "(Re)Imagining Port Cities" and "Water Works," offering valuable insights for individuals from diverse backgrounds interested in the fascinating field of water systems design and management.

An exciting highlight is the online course titled "Water Systems Design: Learning from the Past for Resilient Water Futures." This course takes participants on a journey through real-world examples, uncovering the critical role water systems design plays in ensuring the long-term resilience and sustainability of cities and regions.

Lastly, we are honored to present the comprehensive Port City Atlas, an extensive work exploring the intricate relationship between ports, cities, and hinterlands. Experience the profound influence of ports on the social, economic, and cultural fabric of cities by exploring the Port City Atlas at https://www.nai010.com/en/publicaties/port-city-atlas/246049/.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of discovery, understanding, and appreciation for the vital role of water in shaping our world. Let this event ignite your curiosity, inspire dialogue, and foster a commitment to the resilience and sustainability of our cities and water systems.