Official Side event UN Water Conference "The United Nations of Rivers, Deltas and Estuaries" DAY 8: Waterfront Alliance

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FDR Dr & E 34th St, New York

Waterfront Development That Stands the Test of Time
Join the Waterfront Alliance for a close-up look of successful, climate-resilient and responsible waterfront development. 

Long Island City’s Hunter’s Point South park, directly across the East River from the United Nations Headquarters, is a stunning example of successful public-private partnerships that support resilience, ecology, and access along the waterfront. As one of the first WEDG® (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) Verified sites in New York City, the park boasts tidal wetlands, an entirely reshaped shoreline, ferry access, innovative green infrastructure for stormwater, viewing platforms with an incredible view of Manhattan, and recreational features. 

Waterfront Alliance's tour of the park discusses how various features protect the Long Island City waterfront neighborhood and how the park, which was financed by the developments that surround it, came into existence.

Tour Leaders
Cortney Koenig Worrall, President & CEO 
Joseph Sutkowi, Chief Waterfront Design Officer