Official Side event UN Water Conference "The United Nations of Rivers, Deltas and Estuaries" DAY 6: Engaging Water: Artistic Workshops

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Water House 666 Third Avenue 21st floor New York, NY 10017 United States

The event stimulates participants to discover new ways of engaging with water through three 30 minute artistic workshops. The artist will engage the audience with the elements of aquatic ecosystems through mindfulness, movement, and impersonation.
The workshop will help to shift the perspective from the mainstream techno-economic water management paradigm towards the embracement of water and water values through embodied experiences and critical reflection upon the roles that each component (objects, humans, animals) has in any water systems. During the workshops the outputs of international River Walks and River Essays (photo/video) telling the story of water bodies will be screened and displayed.
The engaging performances provoke embedded experiences and critical reflections about the human-nonhuman relationships characterizing water ecosystems. The showcases of River Walks and Photo Essays further highlight the magnitude and presence of water challenges and community engagement in different international contexts.

Workshop 1:
Chinese-born Canadian artist, scientist, and creative director Charlotte Qin leads the participants to discover the close relationship between human and water through a combination of meditation and kundalini yoga. The workshop raises awareness about the connection of the body of each participant with water.

Workshop 2:
Jamē McCray, environmental scientist and choreographer from Brooklyn, uses dance and theater to connect science and movement. The workshop helps participants dive into environmental issues and topics using artistic frameworks.

Workshop 3:
Visual artist from Rotterdam, Maud van den Beuken leads a performative workshop in which participants will impersonate human and non-human actors of a water ecosystem. Through a guided debate, the activity stimulates reflections about how we understand water, and all the related challenges from a variety of different perspectives.

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