Official Side event UN Water Conference "The United Nations of Rivers, Deltas and Estuaries" DAY 4: Conversations with activists and artists

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The New School, New York

Strategies and methodologies aimed at the sustainable management of water and water ecosystems need to go beyond technical and economic driven approaches. The event aims to gather the perspective of artists, activists, and indigenous representatives. Speakers will be asked to share their experience and strategies in working with water and fighting against water socio-ecological injustices. Their insights can guide us towards a different engagement with water, taking into consideration values often left aside by mainstream water management programs that can lead towards more holistic and just programs. This will represent the first step for building log-lasting interdisciplinary partnerships for a constantly-growing international network of artists, activists, academics, policy makers, and experts.


  • Carola Hein, UNESCO Chair Water, Ports, and Historic Cities;
  • Li An Phoa, Drinkable Rivers Foundation;
  • Joseph Heathcott, New School
  1. Introduction
    Joseph Heathcott, New School
  2. Action oriented perspectives on rivers, deltas and estuaries 
  • Merth Kumru, World’s Youth for Climate Justice;
  • Laura de Vries, Dutch Young Climate Movement and European Climate Pact Ambassador in the Netherlands;
  • Maud van den Beuken, artist;
  • Charlotte Quinn, artist;
  • Li An Phoa, Drinkable Rivers Foundation; Drinkable Rivers as a compass for the 21st century
  • Bradley Moggridge, Centre for Applied Water Science, The University of Canberra;
  • Beau Morton, Director of Education at WE ACT;
  • Pratik Ragu, The New School;
  • Jurgen Bey, Studio Makkink & Bey;
  • Betsy Damon, Keepers of the water foundation.

Moderators: Carola Hein UNESCO Chair Water Ports and Historic Cities, and Matteo D’Agostino

  3. Reflections and takeaway points
Carola Hein, UNESCO Chair Water, Ports, and Historic Cities.


UNESCO Chair Water, Ports, Historic Cities;
Deltametropolis Association;
Drinkable Rivers Foundation;
The New School.