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"Adaptive Strategies: Methodology, Scenario Thinking and Design
Paolo DeMartino & John Hannah

Presentation: Paolo DeMartino & John Hannah: "Adaptive Strategies: Methodology, Scenario Thinking and Design Fiction. Naples and Beirut"

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Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft: BG.Oost.490

The course took students through a three-step process ⎯understanding, (re)interpreting, (re)designing⎯asking what are the necessary actions to be made in order to adapt port city territories to global and local pressures such as climate change, environmental hazards or lack of public spaces at the intersection of land and water. How will ports work in the future? Who will govern them? What kind of spaces, infrastructures and jobs will the port cities of the future need? Will they still be dependent on global economies or will there be a need for a more diversified and local economy? The students responded to these questions through innovative and sometimes very speculative projects which had the aim of working on the (re)design of the transitional spaces between port and city, often chaotic, degraded and with an uncertain planning regime. They exemplified the necessary rethinking of the current spatial, cultural and social models. 

Image: Source: “Floating Fiction” by Giacomo Pimpini, Jiacheng Xu, Matilda Hoffmann, Meng Chen, Sora Kaito. The proposal has been developed within the Course “Adaptive Strategies” AR0110, led by Carola Hein, John Hanna and Paolo De Martino at TU Delft in 2022

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