International Symposium 150 years New Waterway

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History and future of shipping channels

The LDE PortCityFutures Center intends to organize a symposium on the history and future of the New Waterway (Nieuwe Waterweg) in The Netherlands, in order to discuss man-made interventions in river mouths in favor of shipping traffic and port development and with large impacts on environmental and spatial aspects. The symposium is part of a series of events in Rotterdam, celebrating of the 150th birthday of the New Waterway. Next to paying attention to the historic development of this shipping channel, the symposium aims to address the agenda for the future for the channel and the related economic, ecologic, spatial and hydraulic aspects. It places this investigation into the larger investigation of the past present and future of international shipping channels, exploring their role as facilitators of maritime growth, agents of environmental destruction and instrument of sustainable transitions. 

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